From “The Bestiary Of People We Know and Love and Hate”. Release Date 4/17/2015

The Chief of the Boat wields immense power and influence onboard a submarine. The pecking order is like this: the Captain is God, the Executive Officer his enforcer, and the COB is DAD. And what dad says to his kids, which were all of the enlisted men like myself on the boat, goes. I was told repeatedly by my shipmates to avoid the COB if possible, and when talking to him I should only answer direct questions. So that’s exactly what I did, for about a month.

The Bestiary Of People We Know and Love and Hate

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Writer, veteran, adult student, husband and father; life is busy! I love it though, and my hopes are to share with you my insights into these different roles, as well as to provide some experience-based tips on how to cope with the chaos they can bring. If even one of these different areas of life piques your interest then this might be the place for you. Welcome!

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