Sample from my upcoming memoir. Week 4.

As promised in the 16 Week Writing Challenge, I will be putting up samples of work I did from the preceding week.


From my memoir in progress, Down Ladder: A Submariner’s Tale.


        At first, the sermons Chaplain Scrubbin’ Bubbles gave were distant, far away. The stories he’d preach on were like fuzzy marbles, ricocheting around my memory banks from long ago. They’d tease my synapses, just a hair, but would leave again as soon as they came. The things I did recall from my boyhood were small, childish. Jesus wanted people to be nice to one another. They didn’t want to do that, so they crucified him. He was resurrected on Easter, and born on Christmas. Noah brought animals aboard the big pirate-ship. There was a rainbow. A garden at the beginning. Adam, Eve, Cain, Able—they were all people that did stuff. I remembered a drawing I saw as a kid of David slinging a rock at Goliath. I guessed that was important. Definitely knew the whole water into wine trick. Thought that was about as righteous as it got.

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