16 Week Writing Challenge: Week 9 (the prize, almost clear)

The metrics:


  • 2 chapters complete
  • 5,095 words typed
  • 728 (average) word count per day
  • 14:26 spent writing total
  • 2:04 (average) spent in daily writing
  • 84,688 total word count


  • 1 novel in-progress
  • 3 novels complete
  • 694 pages read
  • 15:17 spent reading
  • 2:18 min.(approx. average) spent in daily pleasure reading


  • 0

Getting close to the end of the line, folks. Only 7 weeks to go, and I’ve still got 5 years to cover in this crazed foolery of a memoir.

Bring it.

My reading stats catapulted this week. I’m not sure why, but if I had to guess it’s because I finished Blood Meridian finally, and most novels read like Dr. Seuss compared to the angular, brooding dissymmetry of BM. Full review on BM to come later, after the school year. Promise.

The writing went down a bit this week. I’m starting off the week with a 2:09 deficit to make up. That’s ok, though. The world doesn’t stop turning just because I need to finish my book.  I have to adapt, to change, to take what may and rise above.

Life has become very hectic as of late, and I’m going to have to work all the harder to get this beast finished before graduation. I’ll get it done, but things might get a little…exasperated in order for that to happen.

I’m toying with the notion of going back to 6 hours of sleep a night, just like I did underway on my ship, in order to get the memoir finished by G-day. I might have no choice in the matter. Compounding matters is my job search, which is going to have to be put a little to the side for now in order to get this done. I won’t completely give up looking for work (Lord knows there’s somebody somewhere looking for my unique skill set), just not with the alacrity and ferocity I’ve been attaching to it these last few weeks.

Finishing the book is the prize, and Don wants his prize!

Alright, my good people, I;ve got to get to class.  I pray the sunshine of the spirit comes over you this week, that you let it in and let it move you. Keep putting words to page, everyday. Let nothing keep you from it. If you’ve got a story to tell, by God, tell it.

No one else will.



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