16 Week Writing Challenge: Week 10 (and, ya’ know, like, stuff, and junk and stuff, man…)

The metrics:


  • 3 chapters complete
  • 3,825 words typed
  • 363 (average) word count per day
  • 10:54 spent writing total
  • 1:33 (average) spent in daily writing
  • 88,935 total word count


  • 1 novel in-progress
  • 2 novels complete
  • 482 pages read
  • 9hrs spent reading
  • 54min.(approx. average) spent in daily pleasure reading


  • 1:30

The numbers tumbled this week. Very, very busy. School, job applications, husband stuff, dad stuff, and a whole bunch of other, stuff.

Damn you stuff!

That’s how it is.

Keep pressing on, folks.

Gotta’ run.

Be sure to check out my writing sample from this week, if you please.

More to come later.